International transportation of animals

Need quality international delivery?

Petcargo company provides international transportation of animals - dogs, cats, horses, birds and other representatives of the animal world. Our company offers a full range of quality solutions for the export, import and non-commercial movement of animals across the border. Delivery is carried out all over the world, including countries with the highest requirements, including Norway, Ireland, Australia, and Japan.

International transportation of animals associated with moving to another country, selling or purchasing an animal abroad, traveling, traveling to an exhibition is an important part of our work. International cooperation, collaboration with major airlines allow us to provide a wide range of services. Here you can:

  1. Arrange international transportation, delivery of animals separately or accompanied by the owner.
  2. Order delivery of an animal within the territory of any country or between third countries.
  3. Order international transportation of agricultural or wild animals.
  4. Order a purchase of an animal in another country.
  5. Order a meeting, sending an animal in any country.
  6. Prepare and collect documents for international transportation.
  7. Create a service according to individual requirements.

Our undeniable advantage is our extensive practical experience. This allows to optimize delivery and find solutions in difficult situations.

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Alina (except EU and USA)
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