Tests and documents

Petkargo company prepares and collects the documents necessary for transportation or flight of the animal. We will help to obtain a veterinary passport, F1 Veterinary Inspection Form, certificate for traveling abroad, permission to import or export, CITES permission for wildlife.

We will provide assistance with dog or cat insurance, chipping and vaccination, organize a blood test for rabies antibodies (titers) - antibody blood test with the issuance of an international certificate.

Our company will deliver pets to Ireland, Norway, Japan, Australia and other countries with special requirements for moving animals.

We will help to:

  1. Issue a full set of documents for the international transportation of animals.
  2. Get veterinary and customs documents.
  3. Carry out veterinary tests, including a blood test for rabies antibodies, a genetic test.
  4. Get a certificate for blood antibody levels for trips to the EU, Israel, Korea and other countries.
  5. Get permission to import an animal (import permit).
  6. Legalize your pet abroad.
  7. Get insurance for a dog, cat or other animal.
  8. Implement an individual request.

Paperwork for international transportation must be done in advance. The issuance of certain documents requires quarantine, and analysis takes time. And pre-vaccination and chipping are the duty of each responsible owner of the animal.

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