Pet Friendly Railway Transportation

We want to bring to your notice that railways would transport animals if only an animal attendant accompanies them.  During a travel, a pet will be watched, fed and looked after. This method of pet relocation is usually less costly, but more stressful for your animal companion than air travel. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned fact, a railway transportation is recommended for a distance of no more than 2000-3000 km.


Pet Friendly Air Transportation

 The relocation of animals using air transportation can be provided with or without accompany of an animal attendant.  If the animal is flying accompanied by a human and its weight is less than 5.8 kg (depending on the airline) together with a plastic carrier, it flies in an airline cabin with the carrier put under the seat. This method of live animal transportation is the most expensive from a cost point of view, because you will have to cover either costs for your pet relocation or a round-trip ticket for the person who carries it.  In case your four-legged friend is transported without an animal attendant, the animal would fly in a special cargo compartment within the aircraft. This compartment is both climate controlled and pressurized for live animal cargo to provide your pet’s safety and comfort. It is important to know that if the weight of your animal together with its carrier exceeds 5-8 kg, it will fly in a cargo compartment in any case, regardless whether the pet l is transported with or without an attendant.  Being the fastest method of animal travel, air transportation is also the least stressful for your pet itself.


Pet Friendly Auto Transportation


Our company carries out live animal transportation by road. For more information you can always consult the relevant sections of our website, ask directly by call or written request on our Contacts page