Shipping Cats

If you do not have a possibility to deliver your pet to a destination point in person, we offer to use our pet transport services to ship your cat. We carry out the delivery of cats within the country and ship them internationally. The level of services provided is the result of years of interaction with these friendly creatures. They themselves taught us to treat them properly, and due to this knowledge, we are able to maintain a high level of service. In cooperation with us, you can be sure that your four-legged pet will arrive at the appointed time and place. It does not matter what the final destination point of delivery is - Minsk, Geneva, Istanbul, Cairo or any other city of our planet. Shipping cats is the most common type of services requested by our clients, so we maintain stability of the most convenient prices and run a flexible pricing policy. On demand, we can provide a renting of a transport carrier box and arrange the required documents for shipping cats abroad. To choose a service package and to estimate animal shipping costs, please contact our specialist.