During lasting transportation, you can order "online report" service. The service is provided under the condition when your pet travels accompanied by a pet courier. You will receive picture and video messages to track your animal's condition during shipping, feeding and walking. The GPS tracking service will also be available.


Shipping animals abroad is impossible without knowledge of the Customs Regulations of the country of origin (departure), countries of transit and destination. Many countries have restrictions on import of certain animal species. For example, the import of dog fighting breeds is prohibited in Italy, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. In regard to the entry of Finland, Norway, Malta and the UK, dogs shall be treated against the parasite Echinococcus multilocularis

 In order to learn more about country-specific regulations for the shipping of your animal, please feel free to contact our specialist at any way convenient to you.


Pet Travel Insurance 

 We recommend to insure animals for transportation period. Pet travel insurance for transportation period is not only the guaranty but also a matter of prestige.

Animals can be insured against death or loss (theft).

When shipping internationally or domestically, your animal will be well covered in case of disease or injury.

We also arrange public liability insurance for responsible pet owners. This insurance coverage is optimally suited for dog owners. In some countries, insurances of animals known to be aggressive is mandatory.

Insurance policy availability proves a responsible and thorough approach to protecting your investment, providing owner's peace of mind at the same time.


Animal transportation gets more complicated, and in most cases, it is just impossible without a complete set of authorizing documentation and veterinary documents. Our company provides you with a service of paperwork required to export animals abroad. You should start arranging paperwork well in advance. In order to obtain a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or Pet Passport required for international pet travel, microchipping and vaccination are compulsory. At a client's request, we provide information on relevant veterinary and customs regulations or process paperwork and obtain certificates